Government Oversight

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Alarming stories of nursing home neglect and abuse throughout our Country are standard news items.

How is such neglect permitted? The government agencies charged with oversight of these facilities are not doing their job.

This needs to change.

There are solutions. These oversight agencies and the nursing homes must be held accountable, so that our most vulnerable citizens receive care with dignity – which needs to be a right.

To raise awareness and promote action, I prepared a “Contrast Study” in 2013, which compares my mother’s case and that of a nursing home facility that was closed down in New York State. This Study details the disparity of imposing deficiencies, documents the bias and lack of uniformly applying and interpreting federal laws, and illustrates problems that result from this discrepancy.

Please read this Contrast Study in its entirety, which also includes letters written to and received from the New York State Department of Health, by clicking here.

Thank you.

– Laurie Kash